Dry skin is a sign of being under the weather and many people are very reluctant to see a doctor, so how do you treat dry scalp? One option that many people try is to use a lightweight moisturizer, but even that can cause dryness. Instead of using a cream, there are some home remedies that can be used to help your scalp feel better.

Using honey as a moisturizer will work for any number of different dryness problems. Adding some honey to a bowl of warm water can make it very soothing and relaxing. You can even add a bit of salt to the water and drink the mixture, but the final product should not contain any salt.

A few drops of lemon juice is a great way to help your scalp feel better. Just add a bit of lemon juice to a large bowl of warm water and then soak your head in the solution for about fifteen minutes. This can help relieve any stiffness you may be feeling from the weather. Lemon juice helps to balance the pH levels of the scalp so it will be a lot softer.

Another way to help a dry scalp is to use a mixture of almond oil and olive oil. The mixture will soften your scalp and add additional moisture to it. You can either massage this mixture into your scalp, or you can just allow it to sit on the scalp for about fifteen minutes and then wash it away. If you rub the mixture in your scalp, you will remove the natural oils that help keep your scalp healthy.

Using some toothpaste, you can also create a mask for your scalp that will help you feel better. Simply apply some to a large bowl and then massage it into your scalp. Leave it on for about twenty minutes, then rinse it away with warm water. Using toothpaste is a much better alternative to a cream, because the toothpaste will help to remove oils from your scalp.

Your next option is to make a bath and soak your head. Just fill a large bathtub with lukewarm water and a small amount of baking soda and soak yourself for at least fifteen minutes. Baking soda will help to remove excess oil and soften your scalp.

There are also a couple of options for giving your scalp a little extra moisture using cocoa butter and salt. Simply mix some cocoa butter with a bit of salt and apply it to your scalp. This mixture will help to hydrate your scalp and keep it soft and smooth.

These tips should help you learn how to treat dry scalp. Remember that the best method to treat your scalp, is to prevent it from drying out.

Author: mtlhairsalon