Creating a makeup look that makes your face look as natural as possible can be quite difficult, but if you learn the basic techniques of using mousses effectively then you can create a flawless finish that is both flattering and believable. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to be able to use mousses, just make sure you know how to apply them correctly.


It is extremely important that when applying mousses that you pay attention to the type of make up primer you use so that your skin is primed before you begin applying your mousse. You want to be sure that your skin has had time to properly heal and it is fully relaxed before you begin.

You should apply your mousse very gently and make sure that you work quickly so that your make up doesn’t run and the rest of your makeup lasts long enough for you to achieve your desired effect. Always apply your mousse and primer in the order of appearance.

The most common practice is to apply your mousse first followed by your foundation, and then your lipstick or blush. This will give you a wide coverage that lasts a long time without creasing or fading.

To apply the mousse, you want to start by applying a thick foundation on your skin tone and then lightly tap it into the edges of your eye area. As you tap the foundation into the skin it will begin to sink into the skin. Do not forget to use a makeup sponge to diffuse the foundation so that you are left with a flat matte finish.

Now apply the mousse to your skin gently and carefully with a foundation brush, and you will notice that your foundation will give you a beautiful and even application with a slight sheen to it. Use your fingers to blend the mousse onto your face. Be sure that you work with very light pressure and move your fingers in slow, fluid motions.

The trick to achieving a nice and even look with your foundation is to apply the proper amount of foundation evenly over your entire face so that there is no clumping. You should have several layers of foundation on hand in case you need to add more, but once you are done with your makeup you should have no problem switching to a new foundation. You will also find that once you practice applying the mousse, you will find that it gives you an absolutely flawless finish and you will never need to touch up again.

Mousse should be used sparingly and lightly, and when you choose a makeup base, be sure that you are using one that is designed for your complexion, since the best products are those that actually moisturize your skin and make it look healthier and more natural. Also be sure that you use a good quality foundation when applying mousse because it will not blend well with other make up.

Author: mtlhairsalon