If you are suffering from acne or any other skin conditions, then you must know that a hydration booster can make a great difference to your skin. It should be used together with your skin serum as they will fight acne and its various effects.

When the skin’s cells are hydrated, the balance is broken and it leads to increased production of sebum, which is the primary cause of acne. It is important to have adequate hydration to get rid of acne. Anhydrous is a cream that has been scientifically proven to increase water retention but does not damage the skin at all.

If you are using an anti-acne skin serum, you should use anhydrous. It can be used together with hydration booster so that you are getting better results. If the skin serum is effective and if you do not use anhydrous, then your skin is not being protected from acne.

Acne occurs when the skin pores get clogged with bacteria and excess sebum. As the clogged pore gets larger, it starts to have an adverse effect on the surface of the skin. It causes redness, irritation and boils. It may also result in permanent scarring.

It is not necessary to combine anhydrous with your skin serum. It is up to you if you want to use one or the other. In any case, it is recommended that you use anhydrous before you use your skin serum.

You must remember that when the skin serum fights acne, it increases the amount of sebum that is produced. This will dry the skin and result in flaking and peeling. The more of this happens, the more skin is affected.

Anhydrous works to boost the hydration in the skin and hence prevents the scars and dryness that result from using an anti-acne skin serum. It is an excellent treatment and must be used with an anti-acne skin serum.

If you want to have a natural look, then go for a skin serum that contains healthy ingredients such as aloe vera, butylene glycol, and tea tree oil. These substances should be present in your anti-acne skin serum.

Author: mtlhairsalon