When I got married I asked around and learned that many women have no idea where to start, what services offered in hair salons and what they are like. I decided to create a resource to share my experiences so you could see what it is like at a salon and how the best ones do things. In this article you will find out some of the things I have learned and I hope you find this useful.

Hair Salons

The first thing to look for when searching for a reputable hair salon is reviews. I have read plenty of good ones and bad ones but most are about the same. If you read reviews on a hair salon online, most of them are very positive, some are more negative.

Of course there is not always a reason to rate the services on a scale of one to ten. However, I believe in rating them as follows:

Clean – This should be the number one service I should ask for when looking for a hair salon. This is because many hair salons don’t have the proper cleaning supplies or equipment for you to feel comfortable having your hair styled.

Nice overall look – After cleaning they should be clean. Of course, I wouldn’t want my hands to be covered in a dead layer of hair or something worse. Also, the floors should be smooth and not dirty.

How professional – Services should be done by professionals. They should be polite, smile and make you feel welcomed. Also, when getting hair cut it is very important that the person cutting your hair keeps his/her voice level and be friendly.

What you would expect – I would expect a clean, professional and friendly environment. I would expect services done by professional stylists. I would expect the service chair would be easy to move around.

Things to avoid – Services I would suggest avoiding include those who use harsh chemicals on your hair products that are not all natural. Also, you shouldn’t go to an establishment that uses only black women’s hair when talking about services. Also, a professional establishment would not employ anyone who is either too cheap to hire but fair to you.

Author: mtlhairsalon