Hair Extensions By Great Lengths

Hair Extensions By Great Lengths

Great Lengths’ Hair Extensions is an innovative non-damaging system of extensions. Their revolutionary keratin bonds emulate the molecular structure of human hair to expand and contract as needed, never pinching or causing breakage.

Great Lengths’ Cold-Fusion method stands out from other hair extension systems by using ultrasound instead of heat bonding and providing minimal damage and optimal results. Plus, all strands come pre-tipped for convenience and can be cut to style as desired!


Hair extensions can be heavy on the scalp if not applied correctly, but Great Lengths’ Fusion method offers an innovative solution. Utilizing pre-tipped bonds that allow stylists to make precise attachments that protect natural hair while being lightweight enough for 4-6 month use with minimum maintenance needed.

The GL bond is a revolutionary new technology that uses mimics the natural keratin of your hair to safely remove it using an advanced solution without damaging natural locks.

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa offer an assortment of GL hair strands in 35 colors that perfectly complement your natural hair color, making this extension application option versatile enough to work for many hair styles; from deep chocolate brown shades to light mellow tints. They even have an optional flow strand option which runs from dark to light, giving beautiful highlights!


Great Lengths hair extensions are among the most comfortable and durable extensions on the market, practically undetectable, brushable, durable and non-damaging when properly cared for.

Great Lengths stylists only use premium Indian Remy temple hair in their work; its similar molecular structure means it blends beautifully. In addition, its revolutionary decolorization process has even been patented!

Autumn Markley Salon offers clients several application options, such as Pre-Bonded Hot Fusion, Ultrasonic Cold Fusion, tape-ins and consultation to determine the most appropriate method. Each method offers its own advantages but all provide long-lasting, natural-looking results with minimal damage to existing hair.


Our hair extensions can give your locks length or volume while also adding colour.

Great Lengths uses only premium quality human hair available and employs an exclusive method for applying it directly onto our clients’ natural locks, allowing it to move naturally without becoming knotted or stuck.

Great Lengths’ GLI bond mimics the molecular structure of hair strands being applied, giving this extension unmatched functionality in the market.

Great Lengths technicians specialize in placing hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your own locks, making them virtually undetectable and virtually undetectable. You can wear them a variety of ways – up and down or in a pony tail; discreet solutions for adding density in problem areas or thickening fine hair can be reused several times over 3-5 months; these discreet solutions may last even longer!


Great Lengths extensions differ from other hair extension methods in that they don’t need to be glued directly onto the hair or need regular salon visits for maintenance; with proper care, Great Lengths extensions can last for three months with proper upkeep!

They are brushable, durable and virtually undetectable – the premium bond allows your extensions to expand and contract like natural hair, minimizing shedding and fallout and prolonging their longevity.

Great Lengths extensions come in over 40 natural and fashion colors, giving stylists endless ways to customize them for various effects. Light play (highlights, babylights, balayage and degrade) is one of the most sought-after techniques; it creates a bright natural look without using chemicals that could damage natural hair strands. Achieving this effect requires proper techniques combined with professional assistance; once achieved it will bring increased confidence and vitality for you as a person!