Hair Color Trends for Spring – Buttercream Blonde

As spring nears, hair color trends are shifting towards warmer golds and blondes – one of which being Buttercream blonde.

Ribbons of light honey and champagne blonde give this creamy dimensional shade its sun-kissed appeal, which suits a range of skin tones.

This shade goes perfectly with many styles, from sleek and polished to unruly and texturized. It especially stands out against long locks or well-shaped bobs.

Warm Undertones

Buttercream blonde’s delicate tones create a subtle shimmer, adding depth and dimension to your natural beauty. While icy platinum blonde offers cool metallic tones that give hair the look of being sun-kissed effortlessly – it suits many different hairstyles and complexions perfectly.

Warm blondes like those seen on Gigi Hadid and Elizabeth Olsen can be an aesthetically pleasing option for those with cool skin tones, offering the necessary color balance to complement and complement natural features. Cooler shades may wash out cool skin tones; warm blondes add depth that enhances them further.

If you’re having difficulty choosing the ideal shade of blonde for you, consult with a professional colorist first to achieve optimal results. To maintain this new hue and ensure optimal longevity of color use a dry shampoo between washes to preserve its vibrancy as well as use deep conditioning treatments such as FUL Restore & Restore Mask regularly to repair damage, improve pH levels and prolong its life as well as protect against brassiness while increasing shine levels and protecting from brassiness.

Natural Look

While platinum has long been considered a go-to blonde hue, recent trends are moving toward more natural tones like buttercream blonde for an earthier and welcoming appearance that works on most skin tones – including darker complexions.

Attaining this sun-kissed shade involves adding subtle balayage highlights to lighter natural hair colors or lightening a dark base, producing sun-kissed results with gorgeous results whether wearing long flowing locks or in an eye-catching bob haircut.

To maintain the vibrancy of natural blonde colors, choose shampoos and conditioners designed for colour-treated hair that are free from sulfates to maintain its vibrancy. Heat protectant sprays or serums will also aid in keeping strands healthy, while regular deep conditioning treatments with products like FUL’s Intense Moisture Hair Mask will nourish and hydrate strands to avoid brassiness – keeping your color lasting longer while staying shiny and lustrous!

Effortless Maintenance

Buttercream blonde offers an easy yet subtle way to refresh your locks without making drastic changes. The subtler hue is more accommodating to natural pigmentation than platinum blonde, and less harsh than classic golden blonde shades.

This natural-looking shade features highlights that emulate sun-kissed strands for added dimension and depth in your style. These highlights create depth while adding dimension and dimension – perfect for creating dimension and depth to any hairstyle! Additionally, its gentle hue works well with many types of haircuts from long flowing locks to chic bobs or angled lobs.

Keep your blonde shade looking lovely by avoiding over-washing, using purple shampoo (such as our L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Purple Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair) to reduce brassiness, and deep conditioning treatments ( such as our Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque 212ml + Tangle Tamer) at least once every week.

Versatile Styling

Buttercream blonde hair color looks fabulous at any length, from shorter strands framing the face to longer ones sweeping down the back. For added warmth, consider asking your stylist for a golden balayage with darker roots and lighter highlights in the ends for an eye-catching salt and pepper effect. Redken Shades EQ’s glossing treatment will correct unwanted tones while increasing shine!

If the new year has you looking forward to change, try going lighter. While winter is traditionally associated with darker hues, stylists report seeing an upswing in requests for warm buttery golds and Champagne shades since salons reopened. If you’re concerned about damaging your locks too much, a professional consultation can help find a suitable tone that won’t cause too much harm – then just avoid overwashing and schedule regular touch up appointments to maintain healthy, radiant locks!