One of the biggest questions for people looking to use hair transplants is what the side effects are and whether they are worth it. I’m sure that many of us have suffered from itchy scalp and red bumps. Most of us have experienced the burning feeling and being unable to sleep at night because of them. There are two types of hair transplant surgery you can get done; one involves doing the procedure with local anesthesia and the other is using anesthetics that do not have the same side effects.

Botox is an FDA approved medicine used for a wide variety of different things. It is known to reduce facial expressions and is used in the treatment of severe cases of sleep apnea. Botox injections are also used to reduce swelling and pain in the mouth, but that is only for short term use. The idea behind this is that Botox is a substance that works by blocking the brain from sending messages to muscles.

The first type of treatment is local anesthesia and it involves a small dose of Botox directly into the scalp. The reason this works well is that the scalp is usually already red and it goes with the side effects. You don’t have to worry about breathing and you will be able to sleep soundly at night.

A second way that this is used is in a larger scale treatment where the person would have the Botox treatment applied to the whole body. This is generally used in major cases where the patient has very deep problems that require extensive treatments. When you combine the local anesthesia with the combined results of the Botox and the deep tissue, you get some fantastic results. Many times the whole thing will take a few hours but it is still a less invasive and painful way to get rid of hair.

When you combine the use of both types of treatments, you get the benefits of a major reduction and the speed of hair transplant surgery. In addition to that, there are fewer side effects and less discomfort than either type of treatment would normally have.

If you are considering getting your hair transplant done for any number of reasons, you may want to weigh out the benefits and risks to your overall health and consider the other options before going through with the surgery. On the one hand, it may be exactly what you need, but if it isn’t, you are probably better off not going through with it.

The biggest benefit is that you can grow your hair back from it. If you have any kind of lingering side effects, such as hair loss or a worsening of your current problem, you can just simply stop the Botox and the hair restoration and be right back on track.

Remember that while the side effects of a hair transplant can be unpleasant, the cost and convenience of the Botox are often more cost effective and can often produce very similar results. When it comes to a hair transplant, it is much better to just stick with what works and leave the side effects out of it.

Author: mtlhairsalon