Gel Manicure and Pedicure Near Me

gel manicure pedicure near me

Dipping your nails in manicure is one of the best beauty treatments to unwind and relax, not only physically but also psychologically. Not to mention it forces you to put down the phone for an hour or so and just focus on yourself for once!

Gel manicures are treatments of the nail that use gel base coat and polish. As it dries quickly under LED/UV light, allowing you to leave the salon wearing closed-toe shoes without fear of your pedicure smudging or chipping off.

No Chips

Gel manicures offer many advantages over traditional nail polish. Not only are they resistant to chipping and peeling, they have a much more natural appearance as well. Furthermore, these manicures can last up to two weeks making them the ideal option for busy lifestyles.

Although regular pedicures may not cause as much damage to your nails as acrylic ones, they still need protection by applying cuticle cream or vaseline on both hands and feet several times each day to restore moisture loss and ensure proper nail growth. To do this effectively.

Booksy recommends finding a salon committed to hygienic practices when selecting a pedicure salon in NYC, which means sterilizing and disinfecting their tools between customers as well as never cutting or pushing back cuticles which could cause inflammation and infection.


Gel polish requires UV or LED lights for curing, meaning your manicure stays chip-free for weeks and less likely to peel or crack, according to Green Tangerine salon and spa co-owner Jaclyn Duguay-Gordon.

If you’re in New York City and in search of a salon that provides gel manicures, try this SoHo spot. They specialize in nail art while using Paragel–an advanced Japanese technique which doesn’t involve buffing or over-manipulating.

Results that make any manicure truly Instagram-worthy. Plus, their membership program enables customers to enjoy unlimited mani + pedis for $100/month! You can book your appointment either through their website or Booksy app; just search for “gel nails,” locate their salon location, click or tap “Book,” confirm it and sit back and admire how great your nails will look for weeks!

Easy to Apply

Gel manicures offer an alternative to regular polish that won’t chip within two or three days; making them the ideal choice for anyone with an event, wedding or vacation coming up and needing flawless nails without the hassle of constant reapplication.

A UV or LED lamp cures each layer of polish to preserve its vibrancy for extended wear, says Duguay-Gordon. This ensures that color stays truer for longer.

At home, proper removal techniques are essential to protecting and keeping nails healthy. For a gel manicure removal, wrap each nail in cotton balls saturated with acetone. Within 10-15 minutes, any loose polish should come off easily – otherwise use a washcloth submerged under warm water to help dissolve what remains. Finally, wash both your hands and feet using gentle soap in warm water for final cleanup.

Easy to Remove

One of the many advantages of this manicure is its ease of removal. Salons charge around $10-20 to remove it professionally while you can do it yourself with acetone, tin foil, cotton balls and either a nail file or cuticle pusher.

VinyLux nail polish does not stain or damage nails when removed, allowing for worry-free application in either salons or at home without worrying about smudging its color! You can leave either wearing open-toed shoes without fearing you have smudged its new hue!

This lavish pedicure offers more than the basic pedicure; instead, this treatment features a luxurious foot spa experience of 38 minutes of liquid Body Lufra exfoliation, conditioning clay mint mask, and heated Basalt stones. Following that, your feet will be buffed and polished using either regular or long lasting shiny dry free gel polish with over 1000 colors available – guaranteeing beautiful feet and relaxing your senses in equal measures! This pampering pedicure promises beautiful feet that look healthy-looking with beautiful, soft skin.