The new colour shampoo from Davines is recommended for hair of light to mid-brown colour. It is recommended for hair that is naturally medium brown in tone and provides optimal hydration. This shampoo is made with 95% natural ingredients and is free of silikones and parabens. It is suitable for both natural and coloured locks. It has a ph of 4.8.


The Nounou shampoo is ideal for damaged, chemically treated or brittle hair. It brings out the natural color in your hair and helps restore the health of your tresses. It is also gentle enough to use everyday without fading or stripping color. It is the perfect everyday shampoo for those with fine or damaged tresses. You can use it even if you have chemically colored hair. The formula will nourish and protect your hair, giving it a healthy, shiny and silky finish.

The nourishing Davines NOUNOU Pak is ideal for damaged hair. It restores and protects damaged hair. Apply it once or twice a week for 15 minutes to give your tresses a deep-clean. It is perfect for everyday use and is a great option for color-treated hair. It is safe for all hair types, including dry, chemically treated, and brittle hair.

The illuminating shampoo from Davines offers a wonderful experience. With its gentle, nourishing, and restoring formula, the luminous color of your hair will be revealed. Chestnut milk, which is rich in essential vitamins, restores the health of your hair. Rice Proteins offer conditioning and protective properties that are ideal for color-treated and damaged tresses. This product is perfect for all skin types.

The Nounou shampoo from Davines is a wonderful choice for chemically-treated or damaged hair. The pH-balanced formulation will restore damaged hair’s natural color, and will protect it from chemical damage. Its formula is free of sodium chloride, so it will not strip or fade color. This product is gentle enough for daily use, and will not irritate your hair. If you are in need of a deep-cleaning shampoo, try the NOUNOU line from Davines.

The Davines NOUNOU Illuminating Shampoo comes in 2.5 oz bottles and is an excellent choice for color-treated and chemically-treated hair. It will give your hair body, shine, and shine. It will protect your hair color, while also restoring it. If you are concerned about your hair’s color, you can opt for a salon or shop. In any case, a professional will be able to help you choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

The Nounou Shampoo is a nourishing shampoo that brings out your hair’s natural colors and restores damaged hair. Unlike other hair care products, the shampoo does not contain sodium chloride and will not strip or fade cosmetic color. It is ideal for dry, chemically-treated, or chemically-treated hair. It will restore the natural color of your hair and add body and shine. A great aroma makes it a perfect choice for daily use.

The Nounou line is an ideal choice for damaged and chemically-treated hair. It is gentle on hair and will restore it to its natural color. It also helps restore and prevent damage caused by various chemical agents. Its ingredients include Chestnut Milk, which contains essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, the rice proteins provide conditioning and protect your hair from free radicals. They will not strip or fade your color, so you can use it to style your hair.

The Nounou shampoo line is ideal for damaged or chemically-treated hair. It will not strip your hair of its natural color. Instead, it will bring out the color of your hair and help it stay healthy. It is great for those with dry or chemically-treated strands. In addition, it will improve the color of your hair. It also helps to improve the texture of damaged or bleached tresses.

The shampoo is formulated for damaged hair. The thick and full-bodied formula cleanses the hair, restoring its natural radiance. The lightweight, rich-bodied formulation will restore the body and shine of your tresses. A nutrient-rich formula contains Chestnut and oat milk, which will restore damaged hair to a healthy and vibrant state. The conditioner also contains a high concentration of antioxidants.

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