Curly Hair Oils & Serums

Purchases made through links on this page may result in us earning a commission, with pricing reflecting total order total, including shipping and taxes. and serums are an essential way to ensure your curls receive the hydration they require to look healthy, shiny and defined. You can use them pre-shampoo as a pre-shampoo treatment or post-shampoo as the final step of your routine to tame flyaways or as part of the final stage in your routine.

1. Ouidad Curl Therapy Oil

This lightweight protein treatment for curls strengthens and repairs weak strands without over-proteinizing them, using vegetable proteins and amino acids, vitamin-packed kale, lemon, carrot, and chia seed as key components to strengthen, repair and boost hydration for all curl types without frizz or frizziness. This formula also works wonders in helping tame frizz while improving bounce, elasticity, and shine for all curl types.

With Mongongo Oil as its cornerstone and blended with Coconut, American Palm Seed and Broccoli Seed oils for maximum absorption, this fast-absorbing liquid gold elixir delivers intensive hydration, restores natural luster and provides protection from damage. Wavy curls love this treatment to smooth frizz and flyaways while tight spirals emerge beautifully shiny and radiantly nourished from root to tip.

Prep curls with heat protectant before shampooing for smooth frizz-control and shine at the ends by spreading a few drops between palms before evenly dispensing throughout. Use as pre-shampoo, leave-in treatment, heat protector or finisher.

2. Argan Oil Blend

Argan oil is an invaluable beauty asset, extracted from the kernels of Moroccan argan trees and known for its vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acid content that aid in hair and skin protection.

Heat-protecting products often contain this ingredient to help the hair retain moisture when using heated styling tools, while it acts as an excellent deep conditioner and repairs damage caused by color, sun exposure or over-styling your strands. Additionally, this substance acts as an excellent deep conditioner and repairs any damage done from overstyling, excessive coloring or styling of strands.

Argan oil can also be used as a facial moisturizer and eye cream, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity. Furthermore, its properties make it ideal for lips as well as providing natural remedies against dandruff or itchy scalp issues. Ideally opt for organic argan oil that has been carefully filtered to ensure purity and high quality results.

3. Bio-Pilixin Hair Serum

Our hair serum was developed to combat hair thinning and promote its growth with an effective botanical blend, including Niacinamide for strengthening, Biotin for fullness, Plant extracts for volume and fullness, plus a gentle heating compound which produces a tingling sensation on the scalp to encourage circulation while transporting essential nutrients directly into it.

Scandinavian Biolabs’ Bio-Pilixin Serum is an all-natural and vegan solution against alopecia (hair loss). The formula acts like an epigenetic reset for cell cycles within hair follicles, inducing younger cells while shortening exogen phase lengthening anagen phase in its cycle.

This treatment contains a blend of natural oils that have been scientifically shown to accelerate hair growth and fullness, particularly at the edges, while rejuvenating heat damage and protecting from further oxidation. Plus it features an all-natural scent with thick consistency for quick absorption without leaving behind a sticky residue!

4. Aveda Curl Smoothing Serum

Curly haired women will love this serum! Perfectly designed to smooth and prep before styling, it gently removes product build-up while replenishing and hydrating both scalp and tresses with vital hydration and nutrients from jewel orchid and wild cherry extracts – detangling, reducing frizz, increasing shine, and helping prevent breakage are just a few benefits it delivers.

This lightweight heat-activated treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while offering a humidity barrier for up to 72 hours. Vegan, it includes UV filters as well as a botanical smoothing oil blend of Kalahari melon seed and Tamanu oils that helps your locks look their best.

Helps tame frizz and boost shine for defined curls and waves with this combination of hydrolyzed wheat protein and organic aloe that expands when hair is wet, then retracts when dry to intensify curl or wave definition. Free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates as well as the Aveda Pure-fumeTM aroma of certified organic lemon, geranium, bergamot and orange flower oil for an amazing fragrance experience that leaves beautiful defined curls and waves behind!

5. Glossy Serum

Protect hair against humidity, frizz, and static with this restorative elixir that nourishes, builds resilience, and locks in shine. Rosa mosqueta oil helps smooth strands while Vitamin E supports healthy-looking hair and skin.

This leave-in anti-frizz serum features a creamy texture and helps guard against humidity and static, while nourishing your locks with ingredients like coriander seed oil, tuberose flower extract, and almond milk for a nourishing finish.

Hair serums should only be applied to freshly washed and towel-dried locks after being thoroughly shampooed and dried, making the application lighter for use both pre-styling and finishing purposes. They’re great at protecting heat-styled curls from damage while giving locks a shiny, polished appearance; each serum type offers specific advantages that may best meet the goals and types of your locks. To find one suitable to you and your goals is key!