Choosing a Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo is simply a liquid hair product, usually in the form of a thick viscous liquid, which is used for cleaning hair. However, shampoo isn’t always available in the bar form, such as a bar of shampoo. Instead, shampoo can be purchased in liquid form, such as a shampoosicle-type product. Most people prefer shampoo over conditioner because shampoo can be applied directly to the hair. By applying it directly to the hair, shampoo helps to moisten the hair and coat it with a protective coating which prevents hair breakage.

Conditioner, on the other hand, can be applied to hair using a brush or a sponge. The process of applying conditioner involves spreading the conditioner from the root of the hair to the tips of the hair shafts, while conditioning it with heat or cold to adjust the thickness of the conditioner and strengthen hair strands. Typically, it is only used on hair that is already dry; otherwise, this product is not recommended for people who are experiencing hair loss problems.

Permed shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains ingredients which can protect the hair from dirt and oil buildup. When using a shampoo containing moisturizers, it is important to note that the moisturizers can be thinned, making them less effective to retain moisture in hair. The same is true with a shampoo that has been enriched with perms. On the other hand, a product which contains perms, and/or nutritive complexes, can make hair more manageable. It is also important to note that permed hair products are known to contain a high amount of protein, which provides bounce and body to hair.

Another important factor that one should consider when choosing a shampoo and conditioner is the list of active ingredients in the shampoo. This includes the chemical composition as well as the number of ions. Among the common shampoos, the SLS and SLES are considered as insoluble solvents. These two types of shampoo have been noted to cause hair fibres to break. In order to prevent breaking of hair fibres, the shampoos designed for hair conditioner should contain surfactants such as sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate. Among the shampoos that have silicone as an ingredient, the most widely recommended is the silicone shampoo by Allure.

There are three main types of shampoo ingredients that are effective in preventing frizziness and creating a bounce in hair: the lipid shampoo, the non-lipid shampoo, and the mixed type. The most popular among these types of shampoo is the non-lipid shampoo, as it uses natural ingredients that provide a smooth feeling in hair, and also prevents hair fibres from breaking. Among the ingredients used in this type of shampoo are the herbal oils, silicone, and amino acids. Most of these herbal oils are used because of their ability to improve the condition of the hair and provide the necessary moisture. Lipids on the other hand are good in preventing the hair from becoming dry, but do not leave hair oily as some people like to have.

It is important to know whether a shampoo and conditioner are the best option for you, or if there are more effective hair care products. If you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions and find it difficult to choose between a shampoo and conditioner, you can ask your beauty advisor to recommend a good conditioner suitable for your type of hair. A conditioner which contains essential oils and other organic compounds that help to nourish hair follicles and create strong lipids is also advisable for people suffering from frizzy hair. Consultation from an expert is the best way to find out which product is the most suitable for your condition.

Author: mtlhairsalon