Blonde Balayage – Which Skin Tone Will It Look Best on?

Classic sun-kissed blonde balayage looks beautiful on all hair types and skin tones; celebrities such as Blake Lively or Gigi Hadid often opt for it.

Lighter complexions benefit from more violet burgundy tones while darker complexions seem to shine with less violet tones. All depends on whether or not your skin has a cool or warm undertone.

Darker Skin Tones

Burgundy balayage hair colour works particularly well on dark skin tones and can add an exotic, mysterious touch. The vibrant red hue features subtle purple tones which pair perfectly with darker complexions. Viola Davis, Tiffany Haddish Gabrielle Union and Rihanna have been among many celebrity figures who have worn this unique shade boldly in their hair.

If you want to amp up the vibrancy of your black locks, why not experiment with rich sangria burgundy hue? This stunning balayage style blends rich sangria burgundy highlights with natural-looking brown roots for an arresting combination. The soft contrast between them gives more vibrancy to this mesmerizing style!

If you aren’t quite ready for full-on burgundy hair dye, why not consider something subtler such as this honey blonde and burgundy balayage ombre effect? This warm toned beauty gives a sun-kissed glow while adding just a hint of color that works beautifully on both curly and straight locks – the balayage technique provides a natural, healthy-looking appearance which complements all skin tones perfectly!

Lighter Skin Tones

Burgundy is a dark red shade with subtle purple tones that makes it particularly flattering for cool complexions. Burgundy highlights can balance out warm and yellow undertones in your skin for an overall radiant effect that makes your face glow! It makes an excellent choice for brunettes with such skin tones too!

As well as burgundy, wine shades like magenta work beautifully on dusky complexions. Your stylist can assist in designing an eye-catching balayage that perfectly complements your skin tone by including vivid magenta ribbon babylights or peek-a-boo burgundy panels into the design of your perfect balayage balayage strands.

If you have pale complexion with pinkish or peachy undertones, stick with warmer red shades. Sunkissed honey and golden hues will brighten your complexion while strawberry blonde or copper finishes will highlight reddish tones in your peach skin tone. For medium complexions with cool undertones, consider rich brunette or mahogany brown shades as these will complement any tans you might already possess.

Medium Skin Tones

Burgundy brown balayage gives dark hair the ultimate rich tint without having to dye their entire head of locks. By overlaying color onto highlights for an easier low-maintenance look, its shades of red, brown, and bursts of purple compliment a variety of warm or cool skin tones beautifully.

Warmer skin tones such as olive, golden and tanned complexions pair beautifully with warm red hues, as well as with apricot and coral tones that highlight their rosy cheeks and peaches.

Papanikolas suggests trying a deep burgundy shade that leans more toward purple than red for best results, although you could also opt for lighter versions or even deep cherry red hues.

Berry-inspired ombre is the ideal burgundy balayage shade for medium brunettes. The mix of vibrant burgundy with natural dark tones looks bright and glowing even in dim lighting, creating a high contrast finish that is sure to draw stares. Pair this look with face-framing babylights for maximum impact!

Fair Skin Tones

Burgundy hair colors look beautiful on all complexions, depending on how dark or light your skin tone is. Cooler burgundy shades that contain more red and violet tones complement darker skin tones while warmer hues with more brown tones bring out peach or gold undertones in lighter complexions.

To identify your skin’s undertone, try seeing which colors best accentuate blue, pink or red hues in your face and eyes. You could also consult a colorist about using warm or neutral palettes that can enhance or balance if your natural tone leans more towards yellow or peach tones.

Dark brown hair with burgundy highlights complements medium skin tones with cool undertones beautifully, as it helps counterbalance any redness in your complexion. A rich wine shade of burgundy makes a lovely choice when combined with the balayage technique for an authentic, natural effect.