Blond White Hair Color Is It In Style?

Blond White Hair Color Is It In Style

Blond white hair color can be beautiful and easy to maintain with proper maintenance routines; however, regular touch ups to prevent yellowing must still take place to avoid yellowing of the locks.

Try a honey-colored bob for an look that flatters all skin tones, then maintain its hue between coloring appointments by using purple shampoo.

Pale White Bob

Buttery white blonde balayage highlights are an adorable way to soften and frame the features on your face, ideal for brunettes who don’t yet wish to go full blonde. Simply ask your stylist to blend buttery blonde babylights in with your natural brown color for an appealing low maintenance bob style look.

A pale white bob is an elegant choice that flatters many skin tones, especially when styled with loose waves or beachy curls. To achieve the shade, your stylist must lighten your locks to level 10 or higher; to maintain this hue between appointments, visit your salon regularly for touchups and toner applications.

Reducing damage caused by bleaching to this level requires proper planning and execution; for optimal results without fussy styling hassle, consider Megan Thee Stallion’s shoulder-length bob for maximum effect without hassle.

Long White Pixie

Long pixie haircuts can look adorable when styled with face-framing bangs and are the ideal solution for older women looking to experiment with younger styles without going full granny on them.

Creamy blonde is an ideal shade to frame the face, as it blends seamlessly with skin tones and appears healthier than going full bright blonde. Achieve this effect by selecting one shade lighter than your natural color in order to keep it looking natural.

Long tapered pixie cuts with angled layers and ash blonde highlights provide depth for thin hair while adding volume and dimension. This feminine blonde pixie will help you look both sexy and sweet!

Icy White

White blonde is a highly demanding look to maintain, as its cooling, pearly shade features subtle violet undertones. Additionally, bleaching to level 10 or lower may be necessary in order to avoid brassiness and yellow tones that might otherwise form over time.

Kristin Ess of celebrity salon Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad fame suggests using purple shampoos like the INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo in between salon visits to control warm tones in your locks and keep your locks looking shiny and fresh. Check out INVIGO Cool Blonde Shampoo Opens in new tab to achieve this goal!

If you have light brown or dark blonde roots, ask your stylist to add snowy blonde streaks for a snowy finish that frames your face perfectly and complements any complexion. It is a stunning face-framing style.

Creamy Pink

Pink hair is an undeniably fashionable trend that’s here to stay, from bubblegum and watermelons to delicate pastels like cotton candy. This shade looks particularly stunning against cool skin tones; for best results, use bleach with an ash toner prior to applying the pink shade for a softer finish that lasts longer. Afterward, make sure that you use color-safe shampoo and conditioner (Nak has great products!) on a regular basis to maintain healthy locks!

If you want a lighter and less severe commitment level, ask your colorist to add pink balayage or lowlights with mauve tones to your blonde locks. This look looks striking yet flattering against blonde hues.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blondes offer an effortless appeal that complements both warm and cool skin tones. Additionally, the shade evokes memories of classic “blonde bombshell” actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe from previous decades.

For a gentler approach, combine dark roots with subtle honey blonde highlights for an understated variation on this trend. It is particularly suitable for brunettes looking to lighten up without giving up their rich base color.

An unconventional take on dirty blonde can deliver an attractively natural appearance with far fewer touchups required than its platinum blonde counterpart. Skilfully blended balayage highlights create dimension not-dark-enough-to-be-brunette shades intermixed with earthy brown tones and pops of strawberry blonde that create an Instagram-friendly finish.

Soft Brown Blonde

Brunettes looking to go lighter have so many different options available to them when it comes to going lighter, from rich chocolate hues to ashy mushroom blonde hues. Try an elegant dark-to-light brown ombre like Cate Blanchett for instantaneous results without taking on bleaching their entire head.

Beachy blonde balayage looks fantastic on medium brown hair and complements all complexions. Have your stylist add lowlights for extra dimension, then complete the look by painting in some bright blonde money piece highlights.

Bronde caramel smoothie is an eye-catching shade that flatters all skin tones, looking fantastic on long wavy locks. Plus, its rich, natural hue is easy to maintain with regular salon visits for touch ups!