Black Hair With Dark Copper Highlights

Black hair with dark copper highlights is an easy and cost-effective way to add dimension without going too light. Additionally, this shade requires no maintenance – simply visit your salon every six to eight weeks for touchups!

vibrant auburn highlights add fiery flair to sultry black hair, creating an eye-catching contrast that compliments darker complexions. A subtle honey-coloured balayage could emulate the sun’s natural lightening effects for added visual effect.

Copper Brown

Dark copper highlights add dimension and warmth to dark brown locks, creating an autumnal hue that makes an impressionful statement about you and your personality. For an eye-catching finish, have your stylist weave cool copper and auburn streaks through your mahogany mane before gradually fading the hue at the roots for an organic transitional effect.

This beautiful copper red shade is an ideal way to explore warmer hues without turning blonde. While reading as brown in low lighting conditions, its fiery reddish undertones become evident under direct sunlight. Ask your stylist to blend this warm tone with one that complements all complexions to achieve a well-balanced result that suits every skintone.

A balayage technique involves painting vibrant copper and deep red tones into your chocolate brown hair with hand-painted strokes of vibrant copper and rich red shades, creating a textural and three-dimensional style suitable for all skin tones. Highlights framed by dark hair appear more intense while those nearer your face illuminate your complexion more.

Golden Copper

If you want the look of redhead hair color without taking on its bold and daring shades, try this golden style instead. A soft shade of red with strawberry undertones melts seamlessly into its chocolate brown base while lighter streaks blend perfectly to form multidimensional strands that gleam.

This long auburn bob boasts an exquisite combination of golden tones that makes it truly eye-catching. Golden highlights frame the face beautifully and complement warm skin tones beautifully; while darker roots help conceal new growth and mask damage.

If you want the look of vibrant copper hued hair without the commitment of regular salon visits, try this at-home glossing treatment which lasts six washes. Packed with coconut oil and vitamin E to nourish hair while imparting gorgeous copper pigments for added shine!


There’s a red hair shade suitable for everyone – from copper-toned hues and soft auburn hues, through coppery tones, auburn shades and bolder mahogany tones. Mahogany hues work particularly well when applied on darker complexions due to its brown-red tones; while lighter complexions may prefer shades like burgundy which owe more to purple than mahogany shades.

Maintaining mahogany hair requires using a color safe shampoo and keeping heat styling to a minimum, in addition to using a rich moisturising mask once every week.

If you want to try out this stunning brunette hue, bring inspiration photos with you so your stylist can understand exactly what look you’re after and recommend what shade would best complement your skin tone and help you reach the desired look.


Espresso brown hair offers vibrant depth and depth that flatters many skin tones. While lighter hues often require less maintenance and upkeep, darker tones typically need additional upkeep in order to remain healthy and vibrant.

Ask your stylist for a glossy, ebony shade that is easy to maintain with frequent treatments and high-quality hair products. When styling, always use color-safe shampoo and conditioner as well as petroleum jelly around ears and hairline to prevent staining.

Ashy espresso hair combines warm tones of espresso with cool, ashy highlights for an exquisite balance between warm and neutral tones. Consider styling this trending shade with a shoulder-length bob to emphasize natural facial features and enhance beautiful eyes, or experiment with long face-framing bangs for a more dramatic style.

Caramel Blonde

If you want to add dimension without going full-on blonde, consider subtle rich caramel highlights, lowlights or babylights as an easy way to do just that. Their warm tones will complement many different skin tones and give your locks some much-needed glow.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas proves the timeless and chic appeal of caramel hues on dark brunettes, such as her luxurious chocolate brown locks with subtle caramel balayage highlights for an effortlessly stylish look.

For optimal results on those with cooler skin tones, a cooler variation of caramel blonde could be an excellent way to brighten your complexion. Consult your colorist and ask them to create this stunning balayage look by mixing light and dark hues for an attractive balance that will highlight your features and face shape. It works especially well on long bobs that feature face-framing layers such as bangs.