Best Hair Color For a 60 Year Old?

What is the best hair color for a 60 year old

Women over 60 should avoid drastic hair colors like bright blonde to avoid clashing with natural skin tone and accentuating greying strands. Instead, opt for warm brown shades that can cover greying while looking youthful at the same time.

Brunettes may consider adding a soft caramel highlight for an easy and low-maintenance upgrade that adds brightness to their natural shade and blends gray roots easily. This color suits any complexion and complements many face-framing haircuts.

Dark Blonde with Copper Highlights

Women over 60 can still look their best with hair colors that highlight silver highlights. A good choice would be choosing a cool brown hue with warm golden highlights that complements their complexion. Chestnut brown is an excellent choice as it doesn’t contain any harsh cool undertones and remains flattering on all complexions.

One stunning option for older women is opting for a dark blonde shade with copper highlights, creating an elegant and glamorous style perfect for mature beauties. To maintain this rich hue, apply a color-preserving product which will protect it from damage while keeping its shine.

Bold red hues may look too garish on older women, and cinnamon brown offers an ideal low-maintenance solution. Its soft hue doesn’t oxidize quickly so touch-ups won’t be required as often; for an added dose of drama pair this shade with side dropdown bangs to add even more dimension.

Textured Copper Bob

Copper tones are the ideal complement to olive skin tones as they highlight golden and yellow undertones. Pair copper hues with a short bob hairstyle to achieve an eye-catching yet effortlessly cool look. Dana recommends Kenra Texture Taffy for smoothing strands and eliminating frizz for a seamless finish.

Vivid copper tones create an elegant and timeless style in the form of a French bob with curtain bangs, perfect for year-round wear. Their fiery hues capture light beautifully to illuminate your complexion, while the texturized strands add fullness for a fuller appearance.

If you prefer low maintenance color options for mature women, chocolate brown can be an enchanting choice. This natural-looking shade looks fantastic while remaining forgiving to grow-out; ideal for transitioning to gray hair!

Baby Pink with Red Highlights

If bold reds don’t fit with your lifestyle or require too much maintenance, try opting for soft pinks instead. Pair that with copper or golden blonde highlights on face-framing locks for an eye-catching contrast – natural blondes will especially love this hue, as well as brunettes with warm skin tones!

Low-maintenance brown hair can be an attractive look on women over 60, particularly when highlighted with honey or gold highlights. This rich chestnut shade makes for a beautiful angled bob and is especially recommended for women with natural gray strands who wish to appear years younger. Furthermore, this low maintenance shade works particularly well when worn by those with cool complexions who desire silver in their style; plus this rich brown color compliments olive skin tones perfectly!

Dark Ash Brown with Silver Touches

Women over 60 can still appreciate the warmth and beauty of warm hair colors, provided they choose one to complement their skin tone. If you have cool complexion, try selecting a dark brown with subtle hints of grey or silver for balance – an ideal look for hiding grays without going too blonde!

If you want to experiment with new colors without making a permanent commitment, ask your stylist about ombre. This technique provides natural-looking gradients on each strand that gradually transition into gray as time goes on.

If you have warm skin tones, opt for a caramel or butterscotch blonde bob with face-framing highlights. This style will suit women of any age and make them feel confident while being low maintenance due to less frequent root touch ups than full dye jobs.