Auburn Hair Color – Always a Classic

Classic auburn hair color is an timeless classic that can range from vibrant and warm to subtle and subdued, making it the ideal hue to make a statement while still fitting into natural brown tones seamlessly.

Reach out to your colorist and have them add highlights or balayage for an extra splash of vibrant red, or try dark auburn with copper highlights for an eye-catching effect.

Deep Auburn

Dark auburn locks are irresistibly alluring and flatter almost everyone. From its deep rust to rich reddish brown shades, auburn hues create an irresistibly lush appearance that complements nearly everyone. Their warm hues offer a natural-looking alternative to red hair; making dark auburn an excellent choice as highlights in color blended styles or combined with darker tones for ombre and lowlight effects.

Deep reddish-brown hues like mulled wine are perfect for cooler skin tones and pair beautifully with vibrant eyes. For something richer and more intense, consider ruby red’s vibrant jewel tone which stands out against other shades.

TikTok or Instagram feed, it’s evident that many celebrities and influencers sport beautiful auburn tresses. Ranging from light ginger to full pumpkin ginger shades, auburn hair has all of the elements necessary for becoming timeless classic.

Copper Highlights

Light copper highlights can add subtlety and brightness without overshadowing your natural color, especially for brunettes and natural redheads alike. Opt for shades that mix peachy blonde shades with orange, ginger and red hues in order to achieve a natural, subtle look.

This radiant copper ombre fades from deep auburn to bright golden blonde, adding depth and dimension to your strands. The darker roots cover new growth while lighter tips create the appearance of sun-kissed and youthful locks.

Highlights in warm, fiery hues add an eye-catching splash of color to this short pixie cut. The face-framing waves complement this vivid hue beautifully, creating a sweet and feminine style. To maintain this exquisite shade, request gloss treatments from your stylist between salon visits in order to avoid fading.


Balayage is a hair-color technique in which our stylists paint in highlights without using foils, creating natural-looking results similar to having your locks lightened naturally by summer sun. However, improper application can leave an orange tint that looks harsh or even unnatural.

Balayage gives you more choices for highlights on dark hair than ever before, from dramatic to subdued; for instance, ash blonde highlights match perfectly with ashy brown locks to create the effortless California girl aesthetic.

Or if you prefer brunette balayage, caramel brown streaks can add life and depth to a classic choppy bob haircut. Just be sure to use a shampoo that protects color-treated hair as well as neutralizes unwanted brassy tones like this one!

Money Piece

Money pieces work wonders on any type of hair color, length, texture or style imaginable – from natural blondes who crave more dimension to those not afraid of bolder highlights. They add an instantaneous boost of sun-kissed shine while offering dramatic contrast to natural brunettes who like more dramatic contrast in their highlights.

If you’re not ready to commit fully, ask your stylist for subtler effects like face-framing highlights for an easier test drive of this trend. It is the ideal way of experiencing it firsthand without making a long-term commitment.

Money-piece highlights aren’t exclusively reserved for blondes – this look works on brunettes as well. Just choose lighter shade highlights than your base color to ensure they don’t overwhelm the rest of your locks. Additionally, be sure to maintain an effective heat protectant and conditioning treatment to maintain the beauty of your highlights and maintain vibrant hues!


If you’re a brunette but uninterested in going full color change, try chocolate waves with warm auburn highlights for an alternative approach to switching up your look. This balayage style blends honey blonde into your chocolate brown base color while adding subtle red tones at the ends for a natural-looking yet low maintenance style that lasts months or even longer.

Light copper red highlights bring an easy touch of summer warmth that pairs beautifully with both light or dark jeans. Cranberry hues work particularly well on fairer skin tones; adding warmth without too much upkeep! Lighter shades are great additions for anyone seeking an easy way to bring life and warmth into their look.