Ash Blonde Hair Color Styles

Ash blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde hair looks stunning when styled to suit various looks and occasions, be it worn full head color or as highlights.

To keep your ash blonde shade looking vibrant, choose shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to preserve color hair. Naturtint’s light ash blonde dye is free from ammonia, gluten, parabens, SLS and heavy metals for optimal performance.

Long Loose Curls

Ash blonde hair color pairs beautifully with loose curls and olive skin tones, making a dramatic statement about you! Choose a sleek bob with trendy curtain bangs or go for long wavy locks featuring flipped-up ends for maximum impact.

Cool tones can appear dull without the appropriate haircut, which is why a statement cut is essential. From blunt bobs with or without bangs to wavy lobs and everything in between, selecting an option that complements your face shape should be the goal.

To maintain beautiful blond locks, consider switching to shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair. This will extend the longevity of your new hue, so you get the most from your salon visit and your new ash blonde shade is protected for longer. Furthermore, leave-in conditioner is essential as it prevents brassiness over time and preserves vibrant tones in your hue.

Long Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

If you have long, wavy hair, try adding volume with ash blonde highlights for added volume. When done properly, this look can give the appearance of Brigitte Bardot without daily blowouts!

Dark ash blonde can help frame and draw attention to your eyes, as well as add warmth with brown lowlights for added depth and dimension. Paired with light balayage shades, this will produce an eye-catching and irresistibly flattering style!

Curly locks can also benefit from an ash blonde tint. Done properly, this style can flatter all face shapes and serve to frame the features. Just be sure to moisturize regularly after bleaching to avoid dryness and breakage in your strands.

An experienced colorist can help you achieve the ash blonde hue you’ve always dreamed of. Before visiting their salon, try gathering some images as inspiration so your stylist understands exactly what look you are going for.

Long Curly Hair with Flipped-Up Ends

Long ash blonde hair color is an elegant choice for curly or wavy locks. To maintain it properly, use color-safe shampoo and toning products regularly to maintain fresh-looking cool tones in the shade. For added shine and dimension, add face-framing highlights that enhance curl patterns to compliment it all.

If you want a classic 90s grunge look, go for a dirty ash blonde shade which reflects blue and gray tones while counteracting any red or orange ones. It will suit fair skin tones perfectly and pairs beautifully with neutral makeup and minimalist fashion styles.

Expert colorist Laura Estroff advises clients with pinky skin tones to choose a light ash blonde or platinum shade as its cooler undertones will enhance natural undertones while preventing brassiness. Victoria Hunter of Whittemore Salon recommends lightening brunettes into an “icy platinum shade that tones,” using Liquid Cashmere protective hair dye formulated with organic ingredients designed to penetrate into their locks and promote health during this process.

Short Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs

Ash blonde is an ideal way to accentuate olive skin tones, making it the ideal shade for side-parted bobs with trendy curtain bangs.

Cool shades such as this will look gorgeous in wavy hair. Apply soft balayage techniques for an organic-looking effect and consult with your colorist prior to selecting an ideal hue; discuss their thickness preferences too!

For an edgy, alternative aesthetic, pair an ash blonde hue with darker roots for an eye-catching grunge style. This combination will complement olive complexion and highlight texture of your strands for an eye-catching effect. Radico’s Darkest Ash Blonde organic hair dye contains Ayurvedic herbs to nourish locks while not using chemical stabilizers or fixatives which might fade with time – perfect!